Tenerife Yoga


  • Thursdays* at 8.30

  • Mondays** & Wednesdays**  at 18.30

Book your spot by sending me a message on WhatsApp +34 66 68 17 443

*  Playa Los Cristianos, Tenerife (on a wooden deck, opposite the port)

** Playa  El Callao, Tenerife (the last beach in Los Cristianos – behind Arona Gran Hotel)

All levels welcome!

Bring your mat/towel, a bottle of water and some extra clothes to stay warm in Savasana.


Also available for individual classes.



Hola! My name is Julija and I’m a passionate nature lover, trying to make every day fully active. During past years I practised many differents sports such as swimming, running (triathlon), sport climbing, hiking, which at one point brought me to thinking, that only physical activities are not enough to have a healthy lifestyle. That’s when I met yoga. I still remember my first class of Hatha yoga in 2015 … first part of practice we were just breathing. I said JUST because at that time I didn’t know how important this could be for me. The last part of practice were asanas, even with headstand. As a yoga newby I jumped into a headstand, but as fast as I came to the pose, that fast I fell out of it. And the teacher came to me saying: “You should never rush into a pose, instead go slowly and start with breathing”. As a very active girl I couldn’t image that doing something slowly can bring me to an advance pose. But I’m very persistant and the next day I decided I wanna know that secret. So I started doing yoga, first weekly then on a daily basis. The effect on my mind and body was amazing. And after all this years I am still amazed of the benefits that yoga gives you. Not just during the practice, but also in your daily life. In 2018 I decided to take a yoga teacher training 200 RYT  in Ljubljana (Nataraja studio) and since then I’m spreading the yoga language to others.

During these years I developed a practice that is dynamic – vinyasa style, where each breath connects with each movement. I like to spice my classes with some strenght exercises that come with a flow. As every body is different I also adjust poses to individuals, so all levels, from beginners to advanced yogis, are welcome to my classes, as yoga really is for everyone.💚

You are warmly welcome to join the classes, if you have any doubts/questions, don’t hasitate to ask me.

See you on the mat.


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+34 666 817 443
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